PAID AD: Bitcoin Mining Software 2022 ( HS5 – Siacoin Handshake 5.4 )

Original price was: $350.00.Current price is: $300.00.

Offline Bitcoin Mining Software

Name: HS5 – Siacoin Handshake 5.4

Developer : iFM

Price : $300

Description: HS5 5.4 (Siacoin Handshake 5.4) is 2022 latest offline mobile bitcoin mining software developed by Ifundmindset, with easy installation guide , works on mobile phones and computers. You do not need computer or programming skills to use.




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If you have been looking for where to buy a portable btc mining software that you can easily install on your computer or your mobile phones , and earn passively even while sleeping ,

iFundmindseT (iFM) Community of refined experts in programming and ethical hacking got you covered , just as usual.
If you have been following up with the Team for the past four years, I believe you understand that this yet another mind-blowing smart innovation by the Team.
We all enjoyed iFM ClouD I, II, III , and since this project started ; iFM ClouD IV, we have all been seeing amazing innovations that looks like magic from the Team.
Thanks to the Team for releasing a what is about to blow the internet and yes, it is a Mobile mining software that works on PCs and phones offline , with zero need for programming and coding skills.
         Siacoin Handshake 5.4 ( also known as HS5 5.4 , for short) , is the first ever real offline mobile bitcoin mining software , that was developed by iFM Developers , a project they dedicated to Goldshell Group , for allowing them emulate their mining machine to develop a portable mobile bitcoin  mining software that is affordable to the global mass irrespective of social class, aimed at creating an enabling atmosphere for youth empowerment, which will further help to alleviate and eradicate unemployment in the universal global community.

 How To Buy Latest Bitcoin Mining Software 2022 ( HS5  – Siacoin Handshake 5.4 ) 

 Click Here to buy HS5  – Siacoin Handshake 5.4 

Installation And Usage : 

If you buy the software, it comes with a complete guide on how to install and use the software.
As earlier stated, if you can play game on your mobile phone, then you do not need to worry if you will be able to manage the application.
With less than 5 click steps, you can easily install HS5 5.4 , yes it is that easy to use , while you make money from your comfort, whether home, office, bed, transit etc.

Cost Price ?

Before the article was updated, many people have been sending us mails on how much it cost to buy this btc mobile mining software.
Well, if you cannot afford to buy the even the cheapest Bitcoin mining machine that costs not less than $20,000 , iFM has given you the opportunity to own your own mobile bitcoin mining company, with the release of HS5 5.4 at a very cheap rate.
The cost of buying HS5  – Siacoin Handshake 5.4 is  just $300.00 (Three Hundred USD) .

Mode Of Payment : 

Currently, the only payment gateway for buying this offline mobile btc mining software is through bitcoin payment.
There is option for One-time payment ONLY but if you have a very considerable reason why you must make instalment payment , contact iFM through the 24/7 Live Support OR Send in a mail through our “contact us page”
If you have purchased this software, share your experience using the comment box below.
PS: If You are buying this software through an affiliate marketer ,  use the agent’s unique  14-digit Affiliate Membership Code , otherwise the agent will lose the 30% reward for referral on your payment.
Always make sure that you confirm the Code ; The Code is case-sensitive , so do not use lower case in place of Upper Case where not applicable. Confirm that this alphanumeric 14-digit code starts with ” # ” , and if you have confusion with i and l , it is best advised you make use of Copy and Paste.

Affiliate Partnership

To partner with iFM and start making money, apply for affiliate membership by clicking on the “Affiliate Partnership” Link at the top on this page .
You can also contact support to speak to an agent regarding affiliate partnership OR Becoming an investor.
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