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It is one of the best and powerful remote administration tools of all time. It is used by hackers to hack thousands of people and then spy on them.


You can remotely monitor your hacked victims’ desktop screen and spy on them via webcam and also monitor their activities by NanoCore cracked rat.
It allows you to grab browser passwords, bank login details, and cookies from your victim’s computers. You can hack anyone’s laptop and pc over the internet with the help of nano core rat software.


What Is NanoCore RAT Software?

It is the best remote access tool for windows with so many latest and advanced features. You can hack thousands of laptops and computers with this powerful remote access trojan.
NanoCore is the latest and final version remote administration tool of the nanocore series. All types of bugs were removed in this latest version.
It is also known as nanocore unicorn release version. Its developer was arrested by the FBI team for developing such dangerous hacking software. NanoCore cracked download link provide below.
It is a paid rat software that is cracked by a famous hacker alcatraz3222. All credits go to alcatraz3222 hacker who cracked this program and provide us publically.
It works in stealth mode. It is a very secure and stable remote administration tool. It allows you to execute any kind of script files in your victim’s pc silently.
If you have hacked so many computers and laptops in this best remote access tool software then you will be able to perform a DDOS attack on a specific website by using its stress feature.
The stress feature of this rat uses the CPU power of all hacked victims to perform DDOS attacks on the target website.
You will see so many advanced plugins in this remote access trojan software that makes it better and powerful than other spy tools. Nanocore rat full version download link provided below.
It allows you to take full control of your victim’s network. You can change the network settings of your victim’s networks and also spreads your payload in your victim’s local network.
You can upload any file into your victim’s pc from your computer silently. You can download any file from your victim’s pc to your pc.
It allows you to change the registry files of your victims. You can also kill any service, pause, and stop any service of your victim’s windows.
You can capture the keystrokes of your victim with the help of rat nanocore. You can change any settings of your victim’s pc silently by using this remote access tool.
It is the best remote access tool that provides you with so many advanced features that come in paid remote administration tools.
You can hack anyone’s pc and laptop worldwide with this remote access trojan. It allows you to spy on your hacked victim’s pc through his webcam.
You can monitor all activities of your victim in real-time through his webcam. RAT nanocore allows you to listen to the microphone of your hacked victim.
You can listen to all discussions of your client in real-time through this best remote access trojan software.
It allows you to view the live location of your victim. You can open any website URL into your victim’s pc by using its open web feature.
It provides you detailed information about your victim’s pc ram, os, computer name, hard disk company name, process and etc.
It allows you to gain administration authority on your victim’s pc that helps you to fully control his pc more than from him.
You can use its reverse proxy feature to use your victim’s Ip on your computer to stay anonymous on the internet. NanoCore rat free download link provided at the end of this article.
Nanocore RAT cracked by alcatraz3222 layout is very simple and user-friendly. It also allows you to easily customize its layout style according to yourself. It also allows you to change its layout color from its setting.
You can also view all running programs in the victim’s taskbar. You can suspend any program from the victim’s taskbar.
You can use good crypter software to make its payload fully undetectable. You can also do fun with your hacked victim’s pc.
It is the best rat for windows due to its features and functionality. If you have so many hacked victims in your nanocore unicorn release rat then It allows you to divide your hacked victims according to your choice in a group.
You can divide them on a country basis, OS basis, gender bases as well as interest basis, and then you can perform specific tasks on them.


There are many features in nanocore rat cracked. Some of the main features are as follows below.
  • Clients management
  • Network
  • System
  • Country
  • Builder
  • Plugins
  • Multicore
  • Stress testing
  • Password recovery
  • Webcam monitor
  • Remote desktop monitor
  • Audio-feed
  • Keystrokes capture
  • Surveillance
  • Misc
  • System
  • Organize
  • Settings
  • Nanonana
  • Swiss knife
  • Filemanager
  • Remote scripting
  • Active window
  • Task manager
  • RAM
  • CPU
  • Ping
  • Reverse proxy
  • Many more etc…


Many new coming people don’t know how to set up and use nanocore rat cracked software? I explain to you in a simple way how to use and set up that remote access tool.
It is very easy to set up and use the same as other pc remote access trojans software. Open builder and then enter your details like your hostname, port number, etc.
Then click on build and your payload will build. After that send that payload to your victim and when he will run that payload his pc hacked and will show in your remote access software.
more details and installation guide comes as complete package when you buy