How To Retrieve a banned whatsapp number

 Hi, so I just decided to share this my strategy with you .  How To Retrieve a banned whatsapp number 

How To Retrieve a banned whatsapp number – a simple approach to unban a banned whatsapp number . I know that I may seem to be boring some of you. Please, hold down your  curiosity. I am just about to teach you a simple trick to follow to get back your disabled whatsapp number . 

Why do you need to bring back  a banned whatsapp number ???? 

well, you need it because you will lose contacts that have known you already with that whatsapp account, you need to bring back your disabled whatsapp to enable you retrieve your chat backups, as we know that most of our chats contacts details that we cannot afford to lose. Re-activation of  temporarily or permanently disabled / banned whatsapp number is important because, constant changing of Whatsapp number makes our friends, business partners , etc lose confidence in us. We also need to restore our closed whatsapp because some of the chats in our Whatsapp chat backup serves as evidence to issues that needs resolving. 

Why do WhatsApp disable /ban  users accounts temporarily or permanently ???

Well, Facebook  now Meta, which is a company that owns Whatsapp has its Terms & Conditions. Your whatsapp number gets banned when you violate usage terms and conditions.  sometimes, you may first get a warning by restriction. During that period, your account is usually placed on scrutiny . If eventually you didnt violate the policy again within that restriction period, you get banned permanently.  Some 

Now, let us dive in quickly to How To Retrieve a banned whatsapp number .

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